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Review: Little´s Haunted Quest
Author: Radix
Added: 15/07/2004

I think it is time
that someone did a review
in total haiku

First thing I should say
I found this game to be fun
although it's buggy

I don't know for sure
but I think that I am right
the graphics look ripped

Not all of them, see
some might be redrawn if that
(RPG Maker?)

No-one can deny
although they have been redone
those are Zelda trees

Haikus make it hard;
I'm not being negative
but it sounds that way

The sounds are ripped too
not that it's such a big deal
and I love Metroid

Still, one has to say
that much is original
so it's not too bad

The dungeons are fun
well designed and though out, too
Link would feel at home

I'm listening to
Swedish alternative rock
this makes haikus hard

Bosses are real neat
some would say super keen-o!
but those people suck

They are buggy, though
one guy flew right off my screen
so I could not win

As someone else said
the music just stops sometimes
not that big a deal

It's good music, too
suits the theme pretty darn well
at least, when it's there

Expletives are cool
they can fill beats easily
but all rap still sucks

Well, maybe not all
Deltron and MC Hawking
rox0r my box0rz

I'm not liking this
the char limit is a pain
excuse this stanza

299 left?
what the hell else should I say?
256 to go!

I think this is fun
you should download it right now
isn't that the point?

You know that it's good
all the flaws are quite minor
well, most I guess

The bosses flying
can be a pain but who cares
get it anyway

I'm starting to think
this wasn't a great idea
I now hate haikus

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