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Review: Siege
Author: Bart
Added: 12/02/2002

Siege comes with some very great graphics, although several of the sprites in the game are hard to see, it doesn't really matter because it actually shows a sense that Footman are not strong! They are small and weak! Go for bigger things! I tried telling this to my friend as I killed him the 100th time straight, Anyways..back to the review. The graphics are very well done, they fit well into the game, have nice details and are what I would expect from Beau. Nice work.

Siege wins! The gameplay is kind of complicated, but think of it as..Dr Mario, where you would need to combine 3 blue pills to kill a blue virus, well Siege is almost like that, except for example you would need to combine two iron squares side-by-side in order to get a Footman. The fun thing about this game, is that it gets really intense. If you really get into it, you will forget about your sourroundings and just stare at the screen, pumping out as much guys as possible. The range of creatures to summon is up into the 20's and there is alot of variety. A big thumbs up for Gameplay for Siege!

Siege will live long and forever in my world. It's a fun game, you can play against the computer with their pretty good AI but if you're tired of doing that, grab a friend, choose from several different commanders (Each one with varying status) and ..fight to the death

Siege is a great game, but for some reason it's very underated. I love this game and I hope it gets noticed a bit more.


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