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Review: Wizard Wars 2: Pepper Frog
Author: Muffin Batel [neonair games]
Added: 03/08/2004

Presentation: the game starts off with a nice intro which sets your mind to a vast adventure game. Then you turn into a frog! Now that you start the game and vwahla!- a full fledged frogger-clone. (who knew a frog had so much blood?)

Gameplay: classic frogger gameplay but with many twists- you can shoot bombs at large unknown objects (luo), skip across lilypads with superpower only to have to cross a dangerous rive-all about timing! The game also has some nice strategy involved consisting of puzzles and controllable rockets!

Graphics: Decent graphics but with the implied style creates a mood for each level. The graphics are consistanly thorough through game which smooths out the games rough edges.

Sound and Music: Some of the music I have heard before. However, it is used quite well despite some earlier thoughts. The game is turned into even more of a fantasy game by all the techno sounding midis. My only complaint is that the diversity of the music is not the best and creates a feeling of the game never ending.

Extras: This game also features a very nice two player mode which allows for further skill improving. You also get more weapons and therefore more diverse battles.

Lastibility: Although there is no real replay value this game is a great game for boredom. I have found myself many-a-time playing it for no reason other than to do something.

After defeating the final boss, you see the ending (not gonna spoil it!) and a nice line a credits. This game is a well-rounded game complete with the rare two player mode!

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