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Review: Gunfighter 2
Author: Teapot
Added: 15/08/2004

I'm sure we all remember Gunfighter? The simple little game that could provide hours of fun. Provided you had someone to play with. That was really one of the main complaints aimed at the original: a lack of any real one player mode. So after the original you'd expect them to change that. So have they?

Well, sort-of. In the new single player game you choose a difficulty level by specifying a character. Then you have ten rounds against another character. Unfortunately, whilst it can be good practice for the single player game, it is way too repetetive to provide any sort of long-lasting appeal. The real joy of this game is in the two player, which has had quite a makeover. You can now choose from different characters (although this is just for show as opposed to the single player) and there are more background. Each character has their own dieing animation, the best of which is the chief's which features his ghost rising to the heavens. The most disturbing being the fat guy's, who seems to bleed from the crotch (I never knew men had that problem).

Even with all these new additions, it still boils down to the same turn and shoot, quick reflex gameplay of the original. And why not? It worked then, and it sure as hell works now. Also to note are the graphics which, as I mentioned earlier, now feature alot more variety than the original, but I still reckon the old ones look the best.

I reckon the series still has some life in it as long as B&W see fit to include a better single player or story mode. Perhaps even some mini-games or/and unlockables? Anyway, this game is great fun,
even if it isn't a great improvement.

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