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Review: Battle Boys
Author: Teapot
Added: 16/08/2004

I will split this review into two parts, much like the film "Storytelling" is split into "fiction" and "non-fiction", I will split this into "Irrelevant" and "Relevant".

Irrelevant: First I must say that there are parts of this game that make little sense. For instance; the two main characters are "boys", correct? This is to say that they are not men, right? So a boy it around 1.5 metres tall on average. If this is correct then the road they are hovering along (considering scale, they are hovering) is only around 6 metres wide. I have no problem with this, but then the road is also about 6o kilometres long, say what you like but I have never seen a one and a half lane road more then a kilometre long.

Yes that was an overly critical, long and pointless way to start a review, so sue me! I mean not seriously, we can just settle for an out of court, I'll give you equivalent money when compared with my pocket money and the time it took you to read that. I owe you 0.0002 Australian cents.
Relevant: This game looks pro at first, nice logo and nice title, but the game itself, graphically is a little miss-matched. The "boys" are coloured with n00bish gradients whilst the aliens and backgrounds are a sort of GBC basic shading. Although it really doesn't matter. The sound is simple .wav sound but they suit the game so I don't mind. The MIDI is ripped straight from F-Zero but, as before, I really don't care.

Single Player:

Ok, I've been nice to this game (unless you read the "irrelevant" section). The graphics were mediocre, I didn't mind, the music and sound was ripped, who cares? But the game itself was...errr....boring. Sure after playing for ten minutes straight and straining to keep my eyes open, I finally felt overwhelmed by the evil purple blobs and gave up, but the fact is, I only played that far to review this game. Had I played this game simply for enjoyment, I would have stopped immediately. It's just not very fun.


But what's this 7/10? Am I mad?
But then there is the two-player. Which is pretty damn cool. The whole co-operation idea is implemented pretty well.

I would like to see a remake, albeit allot more evolved then this, as the concept is quite good. 7/10

Sound and Music:

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