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Review: Dragonbreath (demo)
Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon)
Added: 22/08/2004

Okay let's see here.
It's a demo. It's 2,2mb large. It's freewebs. But is it worth downloading. Read this review and find out yourself.

Oh yes. Freewebs, the page we all love when it comes to upload games. *NOT* Even though 2,2 mb isnt THAT much (okay, it is alot for being a demo) it tooked at least 15 min to dload this for me, which I din't enjoyed. First thing for the author is to find a better host for this.

This DragonBreath includes much complicated coding I guess since there's alot of attributes, random treasures, monster-behaviour etc. This level-up, gain experience, collect treasures etc is the main-adiction-thing like in most adventure/rpg games such as Diablo, Diablo 2, Dungeon Siege etc. This is very good in DragonBreath.
I read that there was four different enemy-moods, like berserk, panicked or what it was. Well, I didn't noticed any of that in the demo. Strange..

Okay. The things that werent that good in this demo, that should be improved is the graphics. When i swung my sword, a tiny little thing came out woshing infront of me character. Im like "What? A dagger? Didn't I just use a sword?"
And the character himself and the enemies wasnt that good sprited either. I want it more clear, not that mcuh details and such.
The controls were (like the author said in the description) kinda complicated because of the high amount of them. But after a while you got into it. Even though the game begun rather hectic with 6-7 enemies running towards you, i lernt the controls pretty well. Actually, you had better control of your character here than in many other top-down games, in my opinion.

The midi-music was okay, and the sounds too. But I didn't really felt it all atmospheric like some games do. Even though the music was relative good, I would like something more in the genre 'adventure' if you know what im saying. Ahh, but what the heck, this works out good anyway.

DragonBreath can turn out to be a great game when the author releases the full game. But I hope the filesize wont increase and that it will be uploaded on a better webhost.

Otherwise, a adictive game with average graphics that should be improved.

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