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Review: Bananaz
Author: AndyUK
Added: 22/08/2004


The game starts with a funky logo that fades in and out and although basic looks better than my algames logo.
The title screen is very cartoony and sets the mood for the game, you can see the highscore at the bottom so you know its going to be an arcade style game and the music fits the cartoon style too.


You can choose one of either two monkies and i dont think there is any difference between the two, i think that is pointless really but there is also a choice of easy medium or hard modes. The game starts with one monkey behind some grass throwing bananas up in the sky and the other one (you) is catchting them.
You will get 5 points per banana on easy 10 on medium and 15 on hard, the only difference between the modes is that and the speed of the bananas to be honest i found easy too easy and hard almost impossible so its probably best to try medium. At first the bananas seem to be thrown a little strangly this put me off until i played a few times, the bananas seem to move towards the top of the screen and when they hit it a new banana is created and falls instantly this looks a little weird and could have been coded better.


The graphics a nice and cartoony, they are very basic because this is a basic game but there isnt and fault really. The animation for the characters used two frames and may look cheap to some but it works because of the style of the game its a crazy arcade game so the animation looks cartoony rather than bad

sound and music

There are some nice tunes in the game, they are all the same style but i think there is a different tune for each difficulty, i could be wrong.


This is difficult to judge. You could play this once and delete the game. I mean there are a million other games like this but then you may like monkeys (who doesn't?) and play this in short bursts whilst trying to beat you high score but leave it alone for ages and come back later.


A basic game that looks profesional and plays ok, you probably wont play much and the throwing is a little iffy too.


Sound and Music:

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