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Review: Songbird
Author: haloboycs
Added: 01/09/2004

Presentation: There's none, you just load up the game and menu reads "Play the game, Hi-Score, About, Quit". Choosing "Play the game" make you go straight to forest and blasting the birds, pretty much like Pac-Man arcade, inserting coin and play it right-away.

Graphics: Oh my god, very beautiful. Title screen were a photo of forest with blue bird, photoshop'd (or gimp'd) with light effect. Shooting level, another image of forest, you see bunch of fully animated birds flying across the screen, and some animated mosquito trying attack you.

Sound and Music: I didn't bother turning on the speakers, I decided to go ahead turn on (during shooting level). I do not hear any music, all I am hearing is shooting sound, you know the thing that does "Bang."

Lastability: It would have been scored 1 because of the boredom coming from Songbird, but I bumped it up by 2, Hi-Score is one of important feature to help improve lastability, IMO.

Drum roll please, here comes the best part of review... Gameplay!

Gameplay: All you have to do is moving your cross-hair and aim at the bird, blast the bird, and blast the mosquito too. Sound boring? Sure do, If you liked the hi-score feature, you might like it.

I don't know what to say about this, author of this game said it was designed to take a break and relax by playing Songbird. If you are looking for a fun game to play, this isn't for you.

There are 2 flaws, first flaw, the download is huge. 23.5! It isn't zipped or rar'd. The second flaw hi-score data is saved somewhere on computer and you have no idea where is it (d**n wasted space, I hope it just a few bytes.)

Sound and Music:

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