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Review: Unknown Game 4747
Author: Knudde (Shab)
Added: 26/09/2004

It's time for me to do a review, as I haven't done one in ages.

My victim for this review is Radix's Ball Bastard, a game he made in a one night stretch, which is apparently getting a sequel soon.

Anyway, the basic premise of the game is that your character, and angry pink ball is quite irritated with all the happy yellow balls, and decides to do something about it, mainly nuking all of them with the special kill all yellows bomb. In the game itself, you can jump on the balls to make them explode in a particlized mess of bright colors. You better get good at the whole jumping on heads thing, as it's a necessary skill to beat the game later. You also have handy little dash ability, that makes you run faster, but try as I might, I was not able to get a dash jump working, a suggestion for next time.

The level design in this game is very good, each level should take a few tries, and when you die, you simply restart the level, no need to go back and re-beat everything just to get to a point where you will get game over. You get three lives per level, and should you get hit, fall off the bottom of the screen, or land on some spikes, you lose one life, easy right?

Not so easy, you see Radix is quite good at level design and most of the time, you will need all three hits to get through a level, strategic enemy placement, spikey placement, and other hazards are all arranged in a way where you will barely make it through the level intact. The game is full of traps, and there are a good portion of times where the game forces you to go against your instincts to live, I mean in terms of, most people would normall stop and try to figure out how to get around a bunch of spikes, the level design in this game forces you to haul ass through several tricky spots or face certain death. Again, these levels are really well designed.

Wrapping it up here, The final boss battle was a complete pain in the arse, but oh so satisfying when I finally toppled the king. For a one night game, this is a fantastic effort, with a level of polish not usually seen, well, at all around here.

Good job dude.

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