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Review: Alien Gunner
Author: Harvy
Added: 30/09/2004

Wow. This game is so addictive, it's scary.
Presentation: Very nice--everything from the menus to the little messages about bonuses and powerups. The new version even has a discrete powerup meter.
Gameplay: This really sells the game. The game is hard, but it appears to have many levels (I've "only" made it to 19). I especially like the bonuses that discourage the random shoot-like-crazy tactics we use in so many games. In particular (without spoiling any secrets), doing really well in certain levels reveals secrets/extra points/etc., which is fairly unusual for this genre. On the downside, you have to play pretty much a perfect game to get anywhere. The shield offsets this slightly. Overall, the gameplay is--dare I say it--about as original as you can get for a space shooter.
Graphics: Retro, and yet not. The graphics fit together smoothly. The asteroids in the background during asteroid waves are a nice touch.
Sound and music: Appropriate sound FX, and very cool techno background music. One might expect the same music looping over and over would get annoying, but I kind of like it. I didn't really feel that the boss music was appropriate. In fact, the normal music gets the adrenaline pumping a lot more, so it's a little silly IMO to get to a boss with somewhat wimpier music.
Lastability: As I said, addictive. I should be doing my mountains of homework right now.
Overall: Superior quality; a little tough, but obviously a lot of work went into this. The difficulty in the game is that it rewards perfect play. Fortunately, it will forgive the occasional player's mistake, at least until you reach later levels.
Warning: There is a serious danger that this game will hook you and destroy your productivity. (Kind of like the freaky video game on Star Trek TNG, if any of you know what I mean.) Definitely worth playing.

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