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Review: Worms Breakout 2
Author: Silveraura
Added: 02/01/2005

As I said in my comment, its not often at all that this much effert is put into a break out game, expecially one based on another game, I recall playing the original Worms Break Out & I enjoyed it, but I will say that this is one of the best break out games here at DailyClick.
Anyway, back to the review.

Could have been a little better, there was no actual background on the titlescreen nor the game over screen, but the animations where put together nicely & the sound effects match the game very nicely. An 8 for the presentation.

Very nice, for a break out game that is. You actually have the chance to choose where & what direction you want the ball to fire via your little ball launch at the start of the level or once you lose a life, which really helps you choose how you want the game to start, not to mention the curved bat is a nice touch, & all the weapons & abilities really does give you more control over the game, unlike normal everyday break out games where all you have to do is randomly hit a ball & hope it goes where you need it to. The gameplay in this game was really nice because it gave you the power to beat levels without having to sit there bored out of your mind the entire time. 9 out of 10 here!

Not bad for a break out game expecially, you would normall expect to see nothing but badly animated graphics &/or poorly drawn blocks & bat, this is not the case here at all! I dont know exactly if these graphics game from a source or if they are original, I do know the worm itself is from the game, but other then that, the graphics are really nice! 8 out of 10 on graphics.

Sounds and Music
A perfect 10 here, the music sounded great & matched the game, not to mention the sounds where awesome & really gave you a sence of what you were doing rather then hearing the same sound over & over again. Great job here.

Not at first you think "its a breakout game, instent 1 or 2 in lastability" but that is not the case here at all! I really enjoyed this game for what I played of it. Really nice work here, but its hard to pull a perfect 10 out of a breakout game, still 8 is not a bad score for lastability.

Overall I really enjoyed playing this game, I had been ready to go in & laugh at the game as I played it because of it being a breakout game, but this is not something just thrown together, this game is most chances, the most work you'll see in a break out game here at DC! I highly recommend you give this game a shot, even if you dont think you'd like any breakout games anymore.
This game does have alot of funny actions in it, like smacking a super sheep from the sky & a mole digging through the blocks, like I said though, give this game a chance, you might find it enjoyable!

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