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Review: Unknown Game 5119
Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon)
Added: 22/01/2005

Okay. So, what is this WarTrash anyways? Find out about it by reading this..

WarTrash is obviously based on WarCraft II by Blizzard Entertainment which you can see by the ripped graphics.
One question was going throughout my mind while playing this game; The creator(s) tells us that this is a RTS(real time strategy)-game and at the same time gives us his / their opinion about how hard it is to really create a RTS-game. I don't know about you, but who in world would ever call this a RTS?

The gameplay is basicly 'click on a unit and stear em with your arrow-keys'. The movement on the units is also the eight-directions movement which makes it all even more worse. And one of the most ugliest things about this was that the other units also changed directions while you were moving around with one unit. All this could be redone into something alot better imo.

The presentation of the was quite bad, especially the menu where I had to tryout every single key to find which one who was programmed as the 'accept'-key until I found that it was Z. If you intend on using such rare keys as Z and X please make sure that you tell the player about it!

Graphics.. um.. Yeah, Blizzard did a excellent job with creating all the gfx that was ripped into this game. The author cannot be given any credit for this.

The intro MIDI was.. wait a second, haven't I heard that before? The in-game music wasn't good at all. no more comments.

Lastability? You want me to tell about the game's lastability? Okay, I'll tell you about the lastability. Four letters: N-O-N-E (I hope I counted that right)

Yeah. This game's really like it's name. A war-game full of trash.
If you wanna make a fun remake, or a remake in general, be sure to knwo how to do it decently.

A few last words to the author: please, I beg you.. Invent some fun gameplay, try sprite your own graphics and try to.. *clears throat* MAKE UP YOUR OWN GAME! *coughs*

And a piece of advice to you all out there. Don't bother 10mbs of your computer-space for this.

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