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Review: Bernard & Hank
Author: Hagar
Added: 20/03/2005

Well firstly lets say that this is pretty much not what I expected, to me it resembles the old Ocean NES games such as the Blues Brothers, even the full screen character drawing style is very similar, which to me is a very good thing, considering I still play on my NES pretty much every other day .

Anyhow on with the review:


The graphics are superb, there is no other way of describing them. The limited colour palette (I think its 52 colours) really does add to the retro feel and makes it feel like a genuine NES game. The parallax backgrounds also add a nice touch, but in my view slightly detract from the retro feel as I cant think of a NES game (SMB and SMB3) that has parallax backgrounds, but they do look better than static ones . Hayo has done as per usual a superb job of the graphics.


8 bit bleepy synthesized goodness, well that’s what it sounds like. The sounds fit the game perfectly and add to the retro feel.


The mid music is of good quality and suits the games characters, being farmers and all. The authors of the MIDI’s have done a good job.


The engine is pretty good 99.9% of the time, although when a jumping liberal hit me the once, I fell through the floor. The momentum and the parallax backgrounds take a tiny bit of getting use to, as they can fool you into thinking you are going to land in the right spot, until you miss that platform by 5 pixels . But overall the engine is of good quality and is generally bug free, which takes some doing when you have that much to handle in the event list.


The gameplay is pretty much correct, there is a learning curve, but I think the final “battle” is to easy for my liking, and the amount of levels is phenomenal, the team has put lots of work into this.


This game is of great quality and does exactly what it says on the tin, thus the rating of 9/10 from HT! If your after a quality platformer I seriously recommend that you download Bernard & Hank.

PS. Its too easy to cheat .

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