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Review: Tango Strike
Author: Sandu Vlad
Added: 04/04/2005

I can't forget the mission I just played. After the first kill I already felt the andrenaline rush to to not be seen, to kill, to be fast, to not die. The first kill was easy, I just sniped an enemy from the back. But then I killed 2 other enemies with ONE shot and did my best at hacking a computer to open some gates.

I then changed to another member of the team, killed an enemy from the back and stealthily went past another 2. Then I started a killing rage. Not one enemy on that corridor survived my hot lady with a hot gun in her hand. Then I entered the gates another guy opened for me... just to be fired at by a shotgun and a machine gun. Well... that's why I call myself a gamer! I avoided all bullets, and then killed, again, both enemies with one shot. Then, I rushed down the corridor making sure I don't get seen (Of course, killing everyone on the way) and finally pulled the switch. One down, two more to go! I did feel better, but still knew that I can fail every second. Then I tried to run without shooting, as stealthy as possible. Bad Luck, I was immediatly seen and surrounded by 7 enemies!!! I think my heartbeat was about 150 at the time. I don't know what I did! However I do know that I started shootin' like crazy. Finally I reached the bridge and broke the door open. After that I ran. I didn't care that I'm so close to dying; I just felt the andrenaline. Finally after reaching my target and killing about 5 enemies (Until they thought I had run away) And started disarming the bomb. My heart was breaking out of my chest. I had no idea if I would do it in time. I did it. Now I finally took my third agent and let him have some fun too. He's the one who shot the final bullet.

I hope you now have an idea how the game is.
I don't quite know what "Presentation is" so I'll leave it at 5. I do however know what "Gameplay" is and I give 10 hard earned points. The graphics were good, nothing to complain, but the sound... There was some music, not too bad, not too good, but the sound... All three agents, even the "hot chick with a hot gun" had the same voice, and, if I counted correctly, they say only 8 different things. The good thing is that the guns all have different sounds (I think), but you have to listen very carefully to find out, and you don't actually care that much, do you? The lastibility is definitively and irevocably 10! It takes a whil to have 12 stars per level, and with 16 levels... Whew. I think this game will ruin my social life. I gave it 10 overall because of the little things which make life fun! Locked stuff for example, the tutorial which is perfectly made and is automatically started the first time you play the game, and the level design which is... PERFECT.


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