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Review: Blade Baron
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 22/05/2005

This game scored a lot higher than it might have otherwise just because of its original concept. You play as the Blade Baron as he rides on top of an airplane, jumping and slashing at enemies with his blade of justice!

Presentation is ok. Youve got a title screen and a game over screen, so its all taken care of. It could have used a little more polish perhaps, but it serves its purpose!

Gameplay is a but slippery, but its original. Enemies on screen include a plane, a helicopter, and some rocketeers(?). They all fly your direction at all times. You are supposed to jump and slash your way through them. The plane stays under you so that you never have to worry about falling to your death (thats one good pilot), and you also dont have to avoid the sides or the top of the screen. This is all very original and neat. The controls could easily be improved upon however. When you attack, you fly forwards and upwards. Since enemies are most likely at your level on the screen anyway, attacking usually flies you above your enemies, forcing you to just wait until you fall back to striking distance again.

Graphics are simple, but original. Very stylish.

Sounds are ok. Im guessing the sounds are what makes this such a hefty download. With a bit more care, this could have easily been a 400K download.

Lastability can be very high if you enjoy this kind of game. You can always compare high scores and try to beat your best score over and over again.

Overall, this is a neat little game, and worth a look if you like "high score" type games. Just dont expect too much depth.

If this game were laid out with levels and bosses, it could really explore its potential! Maybe in the sequel?

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