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Review: TRIUMPH! WAR 2099
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 12/06/2005


STARTER: This is one of the best games that has ever been made by a click team product. It has all the things that a great game needs. It has a challenge, great graphics, and a great multiplayer mode. Here is the review for the game TRIUMPH! WAR 2099.

PRESENTATION: The presentation is not bad at all. It had a great title screen and a really cool start up thing. So I would give the presentation a 8/10.

GAMEPLAY: The game play in this gmae is top notch. There is great wasd and arrow key and other ways to play. Like joystick. There is also a great multiplayer mode that lets up to four players play at one time on the same team. The actual game play is sweet. With the alien shooting and the power ups, this is one hell of a game. For sure a 10/10!

GRAPHICS: Graphics is good for this game. The graphics are a little small but they look good like that. He is very good at making dirt and surface drawings. They are good but not great. 9/10 for the graphics.

SOUND AND MUSIC: The sounds in this game are not bad. They fit with the kind of game and the music is good to. If he made this then he is really good. The music I mean. So I will give this a 8/10. Oh yeh.

LASTABUILITY: This game is one of those, you will never stop playing games. It will never get old and the game play is so good that you will never stop. It is always challenging and you can play it over and over. This will last about 7 months. So the lastabuility will get a good old fashion 9/10!

OVERALL: Over all I say download this game and play it because it is great. So I give the overall a 9/10.

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