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Review: A Game with a Kitty
Author: Hayo
Added: 25/06/2005

It's not my habit to write reviews here, but this game just grabbed me. It's one of the few games in the klik community that was actually fun to play.

This game, from the title screen right till the end looks and like a professional game. Everything is on the right place and the game feels like a commercial game from the days of old. The game starts with a nice simple intro, and all the conversations are clear and slyly funny.

The engine is very solid and bugless, and the movement is excellent. It's not too fast, not too slow and you can always see where you are going to land after a jump. The main mission in this game is just collecting coins to pay people. The level design is excellent, the A.I. is very good and some obstacles like cannons and big moving blocks are very well coded.

The graphics, they look like "Skyhammer outtakes", are just beautiful and unique. The style is very simple and not many colours were used, still it looks very rich and detailed. Everything looks very solid and nothing is out of place. In my opinion the best graphics in a klik game so far.

Sound and music
This is the only part of the game I didn't really like. The music are not original and the sound effects are very Yoshi. I know it's ok to have ripped sounds and music in games in this community, but to me it's just as bad as ripped graphics. It's really a shame that a game like this with such original gfx doesn't have original sound and music.

Although "it's just a shortie" this game can still bring you fun for a few hours. The levels are pretty big and it will take you some time to find all the treasure.

Overall this game was one of the best klik games I have seen. It doesn't even feel like a klik game, it feels like a SNES classic. Let's all hope Bernie will finish more games in the future.

Sound and Music:

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