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Review: HyperCube
Author: Keatontech!
Added: 15/11/2005

I know that this is a little late, but I'm reviewing HyperCube. I thought that it was a great combonation of Gaming and Puzzles. You have to figure out how to get the square to the target, then actually get it there. The graphics are futuristic, yet simple. The music stands out because it is stereo (uses 2 speakers). The sound effects pull you into the game. It was very well presented, with a great intro that starts the game well. The gameplay is great, although the only help file is written in French, so you kinda have to figure it out for yourself. This game lasts a long time, even though it is a little repetitive.

Presentation: The game starts with a great intro and takes you directly to level 1, no menus, which is good and bad. The backround images are amazing and immediatly hook you.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, although the help file is in french, so you have to figure it out yourself, which really isn't that hard. The gameplay involves a little bit of gaming, and a little bit of thinking. It's hard to tell weather it's a puzzle or a game.

Graphics: HyperCube's graphics are different from any other I have ever seen. They are futuristic, yet simple. The backrounds are amazing and really add a lot to the game.

Sound and Music: T thought that the sound and music of HyperCube was the best thing about it. The music is stereo, and seems to move with the "cube". The music sounds futuristic, and works well with the graphics. The sound effects are realistic and add a great depth to the game, and the graphics.

Lastability: HyperCube lasts quite a while because of it's 50 levels, each getting harder and harder. It sometimes get's a little repetitive, but not as much as most other games.

Overall: I give HyperCube an overall rating of 10. It was recently nominated for GOTY (Game Of The Year), and I think I see why. HyperCube is an amazing game, I reccomend it to everyone who likes puzzles, and games.

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