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Review: Unknown Game 5960
Author: Bibin
Added: 31/01/2006

It's a review... in script form!

Narrator: Well it's another 'game' from BM Games. Let's read on:

One fine day, Bibin came home from school. He was in a relativly good mood today, since he had just gotten a 99.5 on a test. Anyhoo, he went over to the computer, and went to the slow slow site, The Daily Click. He noticed that Mr. Brandon had made another game. He thought, "Well, this is his fifth game, so it's bound to be better than the rest."
So then Bibin proceeded to download a FREAKING 4 MB DODGE-THE-JPEGS GAME!

alright at this point I'm going to drop the whole child's book thing. Anyway, Let's start with the title screen. We got a pixelated doggy ripped from google images, and some blind-drunk smiley. You can MOVE the smiley. Simply, it's a known fact that if yoour dude doesn't do anything, he shouldn't move. He has no REASON to move. Anyway, the font was cool though.

To the gameplay:
You apparently play as some drunk smiley who is hallucinating a giant inanimate dog following him.
No, seriously folks. You just move with a built-in engine, while avoiding some huge inanimate dog. Along the way, you will find some low-resolution 'comedy' images of dogs that you must dodge. This game seems to have a running gag of various appearences of crap, poo, and a lot of loo.

When you die, you go to a screen where your smiley-thing is very unhappy, as he is being shizzed at by two dogs that recently recovered from being consipated.

ANd about the 'comedy' Bathroom Jokes are really lame. Pooping dogs and an annoying '2 stupid dogs wave theme song' in the BG is stupid.

a Guy drops a couple of Jpegs in there and thinks he's the guy who draws the lockhorns. I mean that guy knows funny.
-Strong Bad, 2003

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