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Review: Dizzy King Of The Yolkfolk
Author: Strange Culture
Added: 02/02/2006

Dizzy King of Yolk folk

I will start off by saying no one has wasted more time in their youth playing Dizzy gameís than I did on my Spectrum. It was a totally unique game at the time and is one of the few if any Spectrum games that still holds its own today. It was one of only a hand full of games that was converted to the much superior Amiga 500, but they changed only the graphics & music and not the game play. That just shows how good of a game Dizzy was. So with a fair few dizzy fan games popping up on the Daily click I decided to address how they shape up with Dizzy King of Yolk folk being the unlucky victim.

First Impressionís

The first thing I noticed was the small screen, which was too small in my book. After the intro and first few screens it was plain to see that the game would be almost if not 100% ripped graphics from the dizzy series, borrowing from both Spectrum and Amiga version (I think so anyway). Ripped graphics in this case is fine as most Dizzy games did this anyway and would ultimately add to the feel of the old games. However I would not of mixed the graphics of both Spectrum and Amiga versions, it just doesn't look right. I noticed it was the same game engine that Andy Uk designed which I though although was quite good still did dent perfect the fundamentals of the Dizzy World. Trying to get your head around your own programming is hard let alone someone elseís so I have never been a fan of so called ready made engineís. Despite choosing to go down this path the programmer manages to successfully utilize it to make a playable game, not a very good game, but a game non the less so I will give a bit of credit for that although who should get credit the person who made the idiot proof engine or the person who used it I will leave open to debate.

Game play

Ok here comes the brutally honest part. Just like the last 2 dizzy fan games to appear on the Daily Click this game absolutely bombs. It controls pretty much like the Dizzy games of old apart from the fact Dizzy doesnít roll when he jumps and lands on his head like he did on the Spectrum version. He just lands on his feel every time. This is a minor set back but the game could still survive without it. However it canít survive with the fact that the ENTIRE POINT of the game has been removed by not having any objects to find and use. So in other words logic thinking and exploration has been replaced by getting from one screen to the next. No picking up objects and using them on the different objects in the world, no finding all the hidden coins, and no point to the game what so ever. Leaving out the element of the game that made it great is absolutely unforgivable. The story is the same as Magic Land Dizzy in that you have to save all the members of your family but as saving them requires no action other than dodging a few bad guys they act more as check points. Game Play has been watered down more than school orange juice on sports day to a point where its almost non existent.

Graphics and Music

Graphics were never going to be great in a Dizzy game but how they are used in this game are bad. Using the same graphics like rocks was done in the proper Dizzy games but they did it in a way that did not seem repetitive. With this game the programmer has placed identical rocks right next to each other to form a platform which looks stupid. In some caseís even cloned the same underground cave room and used it about 4 times. Also on some screens thereís just not enough variation on the screen, they all looked very similar and are almost empty. This gives a whole unprofessional feel to the game and looks incredible rushed. Everything about the layout is just wrong. He has not even botherd animating the spiders. (Very Sloppy) As for the music we open strangely enough to the Rick Dangerous theme tune. What! Why not just get the original Dizzy theme tune it canít be very hard to find. Thereís only one other sound when you die which actually is from the Dizzy game's. There are no other sounds that I came across in the game which would not matter a great deal as the original Dizzy games had very little sound and music but a few sound effects would of been welcome (Like it matters at this point.)

Last ability

After you have finished it first go or turned it off after 2 minuteís its unlikely you will want to play this game again.


Saying this game sucks! Is like saying napalm makes you itch. (a huge understatement in other words) I hate to say this but this game is a very rushed and a very lazy attempt to create a Dizzy game. If it didn't have the word Dizzy in the title it would not of even caught anybody's attention. I canít help but get the feeling that this game was created solely for the purpose of getting something on the Dizzy Fan site as they put up absolutely anything. When it should be about the love of the game. Its unlikely Dizzy will ever return to the gaming market via big company so its fate rests upon the click community but this game fails at every level. It really wouldn't be incredible difficult to recreate every aspect of the Dizzy series and maybe even add to it with a bit of programming skill and imagination. A last mention goes to the gaming engine as a few incarnations have been created using this although they are pretty much all the same. The engine is all right but itís by no means a proper 100% Dizzy engine. Its probably unfair to criticize the programmer too much as he's only 13 years old and he certainly isn't the only one who is guilty of making a bad Dizzy fan game. The only good point I can bring up is that people are still trying to make Dizzy games but going by what I have seen here and in other fan games there is a long way to go.

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