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Review: Lyle in Cube Sector
Author: Spram
Added: 09/02/2006

The first time I played Lyle in Cube Sector I was skeptical. The game seemed difficult and the enemies unkillable at first. If you didn't read the read-me file like I did you didn't notice that you can't pick up the cubes just yet.

So I got further into the game and finally can get cubes, the physics are difficult to get used to but once you do you'll be chucking cubes all over the screen killing enemies.

Just like most great "Click games", the more I played this game the more I realized how great it was. Once I got 1/3 into it I was hooked and the game became easier. That's for sure, the game is hard.

Graphics (9): The graphics are done in a 8-bit style similar to NES games but have a few neat effects like paralax scrolling and so. Some of the graphics seem to be ripped off of Metroid but I guess they're not, just very similar, no problem there.

Sound (10): All the music are chip tunes which you might hate or like, I like them and think they fit the game niceley. The sounds are pretty good too. No faults here.

Presentation (10): All the menus are done in a very professional manner. The game has a map screen not unlike Metroid or Castlevania games, actually it's very much the same which is a good thing. The platform engine is excellent and feels like a quality NES game (again).

Gameplay (10): The gameplay is like Metroid but with cubes all over the place. Lyle can grab the cubes and throw them at enemies, or use them to jump higher and other things which you learn once you get the power-ups.

The game revolves around getting the power-ups, like Metroid. Once you have a new power-up you can reach areas that were inaccessible before and so on. At first it seems overwhelming since you can't attack and the enemies are pretty hard to avoid, but once you start getting power-ups and get used to the controls and the map it all starts coming together. There are also a few inventive boss fights that are very fun.

You can "save & quit" at any moment and when you die, which is advisable since you're going to end up at the begining of the game anyway, but don't worry, there are some hand warps you can activate.

Lastability (9): I may not play this game again, maybe, but maybe I will. It's really easy to get into and play so it may be fun to go through it again, this time faster.

Overall (10): I gave the game a 10. This shoould go down in the "click community" as one of the greats. It deserves all the hype I can give it.

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