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Review: That Night Before - Act 2 & 3
Author: HiredGun
Added: 17/02/2002

After playing the mostly excellent TNB Act 1, I was pleased to see Acts 2 and 3 (these were released on the Scurvyliver site a few months ago).

Act 2 carries straight on from Act 1 and of course, Act 3 carries on from Act 2 in similar fashion.

I'd say in terms of quantity, Act 2 is weakest - there isn't as much gameplay as Acts 1 and 2, however, there's a nice long end sequence and I simply can't get enough of Scurvyliver's humour, particularly in his cutscenes.

Act 3 is by far the strongest of all the acts. It sees our main character running around in the city again, like in Act 1.

The only bad points are the sometimes awkward animations and some graphics that look out of place. However, the chracters themselves are very well drawn.

Overall, great story-driven point and click game, challenging but never impossible puzzles to solve (unlike Lucusart's infamously insane puzzles...).

So if you haven't got Act 1 yet, get that before trying this!


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