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Review: HoogHaar XL
Author: Dark (DOE)
Added: 15/02/2006

Presentation: The game starts off with a nice little company intro, then goes onto a nice little game story intro, showing you what happened and why your spending your time trying to catch up with the fishhead guy. Then you get to the semi fancy title screen, its all well presented and makes you want to get into the game and start playing to get back your hammer. (I've never quite understood if the presentation was the info on the website, or the title screen and pre-game stuff but...I'll assume the latter) 10/10

Gameplay: Well, I was quite disappointed by the gameplay actually, it seems like the game uses the built in platform movement(I've never seen a custom engine that let you cling to the roof with your hair, as if you were trying to perform some weird splinter cell stealth kill on that two-dent fishbead below you), and the gameplay is just generally buggy, occassionally you will notice fishhead drop from above cause they went through the ground, and you will them twitching on the corners of platforms and stuff like that. You can also get stuck half way between platforms if your hit or something while jumping from below. Occassionally you even shoot in a different direction than your fancy while your trying to kill and run. So I'm giving the gameplay 6/10 because sometimes its ok, and clinging to the roof can be beneficial in special circumstances.

Graphics: HoogHaar XL lacks absolutely nothing here, the graphics are great, and really go together well...although its hard to tell the difference between platforms and emptiness in the industrial section. So, 10/10 for the wonderful eyecandy.

Sounds and Music: Ouch...well, if it wasn't for the option to disable the music to use my own, I woulda gave a lower score, the normal music is too quite for the game, compared to the sound effects, you'll get the music just right, and then you'll blow your eardrugs when you get a'm giving it a 7/10 as the sounds fit in with the game well, and I can't complain about my music taste in music.

Lastibility: Well, the game is fun and all for the first few levels, then you start climbing the "difficulty slope", and in the case of this game, that slope is made by random chance and pure luck, stuff you don't exactly want to be dealing with in a platform game, as, well any game for that matter, should be affected more by player skill, not wondering if that badguy by the teleporter is gonna still be there when you drop from the top, since theres no other way to kill him and get to the teleporter. So I'm giving it an 8/10 as the game is fun to play, despite the frustration of luck.

Overall, I give Hooghaar XL an 8/10 because it is a pretty good game, and can be enjoyable, and a good way to pass some time.

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