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Review: Billy Bob the Cactus Blob DX II: Alliances *V2*
Author: X-Member22556
Added: 27/06/2006

Presentation: Zero out of ten

The presentation of this game totally sucked. Iuse the word game loosly for most of it was a cruddy movie. WORK ON BEING GOOD AT THINGS PLEASE!

Gameplay: one out of ten

The gameplay in this game was probably the worst I have played since "Gangsta" if you want to be like nuklear 4 years ago do it somewere else please the only good thing about this game was being transformable but that was a cool thought but the exicution was horrible.

Graphics: three out of ten

Three out of ten for the graphics in this billy bob the cactus blob were probably the best you've made but to let you know they still totally and completely sucked please don't open up paint to make your graphics spend SOME time on them PLEASE!!!!

Sound and Music: four out of ten

I acctually liked the music choise for this game but you should have made it a sound file not a music file for MMF is retarded and thinks that music needs to be reloaded every time it loops when sound is always in memory making a clean loop so keep that in mind next time.

Lastibility: zero out of ten

This was probably the least lastible game I have ever played less lastible than friend killer please make your games more interesting, How you got to make a web site about this piece of crap game is beyond me but you should cut the site while your a head.

Over All : two out of ten
Yes this game totally sucked I would love to play peong rather than this you retarded peice of crap learn what the public like please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound and Music:

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