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Review: #TDC 26 Minutes Compo Compilation
Author: Joe.H
Added: 12/07/2006

OH MY BLOODY GOD. First things first, after playing this game you WILL need to change your underpants due to all the semen collecting in there, THAT'S how good it is.

Now then, the games.
Fist up, Phizzy's entry (phwoar, i wouldnt half like a rear entry from him).
Now, whilst this game has some excellent graphics and sound effects, the gameplay is so much better, AND TO PARODY STAR TREK, LOL PURE GENIUS. I LOVE YOU PHIZZY <3

Noodle's Game: I thought this was utter shite. Like his hair. Still, the main character was superb. Stealing is fun.

Peblo's minor contribution: Sexy, and no doubt about it! Excellent graphics. Simply inspired, flawless coding. The best of the lot!

Da Vince's 'almost as good as masturbation, but not quite there' entry: He wouldn't go with my suggested title of "The Big Fat Fireballs Will Kill You If You Don't Move, Fucker" and because of that, this lost some awesome points. WHAT SAY YOU NOW, BAGPUSS?

Be you of small penis, large penis, man boobs or no boobs, you will enjoy this game. It is by far the best game submitted to The Daily Click. And all of it was created in just 26 minutes. These artists deserve an award for being absolute geniuses!


Peace out, Muvvas.

Next time on "The Mighty Guy Reports": What's new at The Daily Click? Will Peblo ever be loved? Will Phizzy get banned? Will this win GOTW? Will Circy ban every TDC member there ever is? WILL ANBODY BE ABLE TO STOP HIM? And for the love of god, SAY NO TO DRUGS

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