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Review: Abstractica˛
Author: izac
Added: 11/10/2006

OK first of all let me talk about the presentation.

I give it an 7 becuase:
Well, when the game starts you are showed who the game is by, and after that the actual game name. It looks very clean and proffesional. And the design was pretty good too. Then you reach the Main Menu. Which was good. But things let it down! Those command buttons!! I really think that they do not do the job. It would of been alot better with custom made buttons. Another thing, is those question marks in the background. They look good... Until they start rotating. Don't get me wrong! i like rotating question marks, but you could of blended the question marks into the background more. Becuase as they rotate they look alittle bitty like.

Anyway let me move on from the main menu to the intructions screen. Now, this is a very well designed menu. It's good to look at. But i thought that the little icons below could of been alittle blended into the background more. The instructions explain pretty much everything you need to know to play the game! Which is good. I don't like it when games don't have good instructions. Becuase i can't play them.

OK! Now onto the gameplay. I rate it 6:
There's not much to be said here. It isn't an action game or anything. It's a nice brain drain thinking puzzle game!! But the game does need some extra bits of fine tuning. Like for instance. You can't press enter to submit your answer! Which really bugged me. But apart from that it's.. OK. A nice little feature which the last game didn't have was the, Skip, and Hit buttons. but apart from that there's not much more to be said here. So i'll move on!

OK! I give the graphics a 7:
Well, the graphics are nice. On the menu, and ingame. But there's one thing that i didn't like to much. When you start a level the text zooms in alittle - Then it zoomz right into the screen!!... OUCH! That hurts my eyes, yaknow. But apart from those zooming levels, it's pretty nice! So i'll move onto the sound and music.

I give the sound and music a 5:
That bell noise is really loud compared to the music. But the sound is OK. It's just alittle loud! And the music is alittle over the top! It's a puzzle game, and the last thing we need is a woman talking over a track playing in the background while we're trying to consintrate. But don't worry! IF the sound/music is not your taste you can switch it off!

Now finally onto the Lastability. I give it an 8 becuase:
It will last long! There are 200+ levels for flipping sake!! And there's a save game option. So you can come back to the game without fear of loosing your position. And if you manage to complete the whole game. You get a reward!! Which i'm sure is worthwhile... right?

So it's a pretty good game! And overall i give it an 8/10! WHICH IS PRETTY GOOD!

Well done!

Sound and Music:

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