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Review: Zelda's Rupees
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 17/10/2006

Hmm, well, where can I start? Let's try and approach this in some kind of order:


By presentation, I take this to mean 'how professional a game looks', as opposed to graphics which is quite different.

This game, in my opinion, looks very professional! The colour scheme, the shape of bars, counters, etc, all fit with the Zelda graphical style.

However, a bit more of an interface would be better. The game gives you a few seconds to read the instructions screen before launching you into the game. There's no explanation for the story within the game, except in the Readme (which of course no one ever reads), we're just collecting stuff.

That said, the Readme is very comprehensive, but PLEASE (and this goes out to all developers here), NO ONE ever reads the Readme. I only read it because I was writing this review. If there's something crucial to be explained, it absolutely must be explained in-game.

But again, apart from the lack of an interface (menus, etc?), the game's presentation appears (in my opinion) quite slick and certainly in keeping with a Zelda game. So I give it 7/10.


Fun, Frenetic, but in my opinion, too Fast. This is especially true for enemies, who drop down at a pace that even photons would envy. The blast radius of bombs is very large, sometimes deceptively so. You get far enough away, you think, and that bomb that dropped down miles away still hits you. And by the time you've noticed, another bomb has dropped on the opposite side to clinch your doom.

It starts off with objects and enemies falling WAY too fast in my opinion. Games like this really need to start with a comfort zone, and gradually build up as the player's score racks up.

At the moment, the speed and quantity of enemies at the start is bad enough, but within a short while it increases, and increases, until you literally can't pick up any of the bonusses without ploughing through six enemies.

The game has a surprising amount in it, in the form of different levels, and of course the shop. But there seems to be no logic to which levels you're sent on. Are they random? Winnable? There also aren't many purchasable items. How about some bonus ones, like turning all enemies into harmless bunnies for 30 seconds?

There also seems to be little practical difference between the levels. The scenery is different, but gameplay is fundamentally the same.

So unfortunately, while this is a good game, Gameplay has to get only a 5/10. However, the problems are easy to fix. Release a version 2.00, and I'd be happy to review it higher.


Admittedly ripped, so you don't deserve a 10. That's kind of a policy I have, no matter how good it looks, if the bulk of the graphics weren't made by you, a 10 is impossible.

However, the entire game fits so beautifully with the Zelda theme that it does show a talent, in my opinion. So many fan games just take a few key sprites and bodge them together in no order whatsoever, don't animate them, etc. This game, however, shows skill and care in its design. It shows respect to the graphics it's used.

Levels are beautifully populated with little details here and there. Even simple things, like the grass. It's not just a plain green blob. Water has different things in it depending on the depth. It's lovely.

So you're getting an 8/10 for that, punk

Sound and Music

They're nice, but some more variety would be good.

Sound effects work well, and you alert us when we get a certain number of rupies with a nice twinkle noise. Nothing to mark you down for, so that's another 7/10. Possibly more variety in levels (e.g. ice level? underwater? Goron mountain?) would give you more chance to excel in the music/sound area.


Not sure about this one. The shop stuff is interesting, as well as the High Score element - that can be addictive. But I personally wouldn't play it that much, since I find the flaws in Gameplay are frustrating.

But for the inclusion of the Highscore technique, and the fact that I know people who do find this quite lastable, I'll give you another 7/10


...I like it. I don't *love* it, but I can see a definite room for a cool second version. By way of some suggestions:

- A wider variety of levels, in different environments. Perhaps a water level, where you have to collect Bubbles or you run out of air. Some background sound effects for these would be nice too. Ice level could be cool too, perhaps with edges you can slide off.

- More items, with more uses. Perhaps one can buy you a buddy who helps collect points - but can also die after a certain number of hits.

- More of an interface. Perhaps a training level that explains different features? Don't rely on the Readme.

- A slower, more steady introduction to the levels, and maybe dificulty settings?

Sound and Music:

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