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Review: Classic Arcade Games - Pling 4 pack
Author: Nick of All Trades
Added: 13/02/2007

Looks like OHWriters has released another game, only this seems to be really old. And it is not really a game since it holds four special games. Of course, with the term "special" I am referring to how Phredreeke am, or more like how he was. It is obvios he has at least some talent when it comes to coding, designing gameplay and levels, and select music for different themes. Way too commonly however, he has let himself replace artistic skills with skills of Paintshop, and let his admiration to metal music take his better self. As this is alot older then Scurvy Sanchez, we can see that he has repeated the same mistake, not twice, not thrice, but four times. Of course, it would be pretty prejudice to say that one game is just as bad as the other, so we are going to review each one of the games and see what can happen if you release old mock-ups about old games.

Gradius, the good old space shooter. Travel through infinite skies, seeing what noone has seen before and kill some badass spacemonsters. Of course, space can be particulary luminative in some places. Stars can, after all appear very, very close to eachother; and seeing Plingadius this is pariculary ussuall. You can see entire webs of stars at the size of litlle yellow dots. It sure is surprising the armed rock you ride never collide with one. On top of that, you will be constantly encourage by the oh so overused theme of Final Fantasy Battles.

The old snake games, what they have taught us of how, even though it scores bigger, a large snake can be troublesome. I do not however, remember the clear blue spheres the snake consisted of, nor how the level would end as soon as it was getting funny. Truly, the tragic music in the gameplay describes it all.

This is actually the game I like the most of the Pling4, which is ironic since it is generally the poorest grahicwise, and also the buggiest. Perhaps it is because of my childhood friendship with Frogger, that was robbed away from me. Perhaps I am so impressed of how Phredreeke put so much effort making Frogger the only thing moving tilewise.

Okay, I spend hours of my precios time to become the king of Swamp Invaders (before the arcade was reseted due to site redesign) and then I see this. Something that produces so much noise you won't know if you are winning or losing and a background so full of colour you can't see anything. How am I supposed to feel? The least you could do is to try to make the shields.

So after talking so illmannered about the games and insulted its author, you might think I am going to give it horrible grades. But as some of you mght know, I am crazy about retro stuff, and to be honest I found it alot easier to describe what these games are not. After all, the guy has obviosly put alot of effort into them.
Now you might be wondering: If you can't review this game properly, why even try to? The short answer is: Phredreeke told me to.

You are welcome!

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