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Review: Hasslevania: The Quest for Shuteye
Author: Rikus
Added: 16/12/2007

Welcome to Hasselvania,a new game created by Del Duio.

This game has sprung lots of talk about its level of difficulty, now it is true that the first 20 minuets of Hasselvania is extremely frustrating and you will see the game over screen more then 15 times.

However, if you stick with this game and figure out how to get trough that pesky beginning the game will unravel itself with lots of depth and wow a surprising welcoming fun gaming experience.

The game is a plat former but the twist being you have to collect items to continue on in the game, the game does use voice-overs and in the case you don't like it the cut scenes with them can always be skipped. The game has lots of cool little details in its animation, story and level design.

If you can push yourself past the first bit of the game you will notice a brand new fun game will open up for you.

My recommendation is to keep trying, its worth it.

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Posted by Del Duio 16th December, 2007

Weeee! I'll add it to my site now, thank you Rikus.


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