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Review: The Santa Claus Project
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 25/12/2007

So here is the first Christmas game of the season! Is it a grandslam for Santa fans? Uh... no. Is a fun and simple platformer that can help you waste 10 minutes? Absolutely!

Don't expect much of a welcome when you get started. There isn't really a story, and there really isn't any kind of intro either. But the title screen suits the game well since it's simple, festive, and er... well I guess that's it.

Gameplay is pretty good in this game. Your mission, as Santa, is to jump on every enemy in each level, thereby making them evaporate without a trace. After you have eliminated every enemy in a level, you move on to the next. The platform engine is very solid and shouldn't give anyone problems. I would suggest however (for a sequel?)that players be given unlimited lives. Since there are no checkpoints in levels, there is no difference between using your next life and using a continue, which makes typing in a password after each gameover pointless.

Graphics are very cheerful and colorful, and the game is enjoyable to look at. Characters are cute, but a greater variety of enemies would have greatly added to the game. Also more effects would have been nice, such as a poof or explosion when landing on an enemy, or powerups of some sort. Although the levels are colorful, they are very empty and basic.

Sounds and music are decent and do their job fine, although the same music repeats for each level and is very short. Sound effects are also very soft and difficult to notice.

This game has decent lastablilty, depending on what mood you are in and what else you have available to do at the moment. The game can quickly turn into a frustrating exercise of survival, and without powerups or level variety, most players may put it down after a few too many "That bullet came out of nowhere too fast!" deaths.

Overall this is a decent little platformer that can provide some fun moments. You shouldn't play the game to really have "fun", it should be viewed more as a platformer/puzzle, a survival challenge of sorts. With that in mind, it can be a fun way to spend 10-15 minutes. The idea of letting different people design different levels was a great idea, it's just too bad they all ended up looking the same. :(

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Posted by Del Duio 26th December, 2007

Also more effects would have been nice, such as a poof or explosion when landing on an enemy

This was my only qualm with it too. The rest of the game is so polished, it was weird that the enemies didn't explode or anything when you killed them.


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