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Review: Masquerade
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 14/02/2008

Oh my, here is a strange little platformer. In Masquerade, you play as a Phantom of the Opera of sorts. You are a recluse, driven underground by your bizarre appearance. And to make matters worse, the only person who could apparantly tolerate you has been kidnapped by things that hate you even more! No wonder this guy is upset!

The game has a pretty straight forwards platforming engine which suits most situations fine. You can jump, attack, duck, and... walk! Thats all you'll need, besides a good dosage of patience. Most of the challenge from this quirky little game comes from it's loose and sometimes unpredictable hit detection. Throw in some really tight spots where you have to squeeze between an enemy and a trap HOPING your weapon scores a hit, and you have a very challenging (if frustrating) platformer.

I really enjoyed the graphics in this game. They are very fun and colorful, and have a lot of personality. The main character feels very endearing early on, and it was fun being that little crazy man. ;)

Sounds and music are a good match for the game. The music that was chosen is eerie and adds to the atmosphere of the game. Sound effects also suit the game.

Lastability can be a mixed bag. For people who get used to the quirkiness of the engine, it will provide several hours of campy platforming fun. For a sequel, I'd recommend opening the areas up a bit more with fewer crammed corridors so early in the game. The game feels very claustrophobic. :P

Overall, this is a cute and quirky platformer that can help you escape the real world for as long as your patience allows! Graphics are fun, sounds are fitting, the story is bizarre, and the gameplay is simple enough to have you hooked after the first level. Some gameplay bugs may frustrate you here and there, but it's worth the download. Recommended for platforming fans and weirdos.

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