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Review: Unknown Game 301
Author: Rikus
Added: 14/05/2002

Sharp your blades, put on your army pants and turn of your brain because its time to get dirty with: Brainless. In brainless its your job to kick some ass and create a lot of damage to your surroundings. When you first start the game you can check for the languages. You can choose a language by blowing someone's head off, and this pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the game. When the game starts you get out of your car and its time for your mission to begin. The game starts out pretty easy but gets harder after a while. The main hero and the soldiers are very well animated and some of them are very funny to. The game gets you even more in the mood by playing some rock hard music and has some great sound effects. This game is of course not for everyone but if you liked gta then you will love this, and remember that this is just a demo. Its also wise to play the game using the 2nd launcher that is included with so it wont mess up your window screen settings.


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