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Review: R.P.G. - Rocket Propelled Guts!
Author: -Dark Martin-
Added: 28/07/2008


Well i like how it started up, reminded me of Timesplitters a little bit.

They White Noise (I think thats what its called anyway) was a nice effect, good job on that Mark!

Gameplay: Pretty damn addictive, it's fun to keep blowing myself and my friend up with a Rocket Launcher.^_^ Shame there weren't any Rocket Propelled Guts though.:P (If hannibal was being shot with some though he would consider that a 3 course meal) A few glitches in the aiming.

Graphics: Seeeeeeeerweeeeet graphics, add a lot of atmosphere so you don't feel bad about murdering you friend.>: D (WAIT! ONLY ON THE GAME!) But you kinda focus more on killing than checking the surroundings around you, so basically any spectators would die pretty quickly.:P

Sound/Music: Goes well with the game, kinda adds more of a thrill to killing someone (Still only on the game), and it also helps you focus. The weapons sounds were quite realistic, but just 1 sound from the weapons was a little scratchy it became a little irritating, i think it was the Thunder Hawk electric weapon gun. The noise wasn't pleasent so i always tryed not to pick that weapon up.:P

Lastability: Well all i can say is that it IS lasting and it may just do that for quite a long time.;)

Overall: Cool, Cool just plain god damn coolness! And as i remember saying before, this game is definetly my cup of tea.:) If there are any typos in this review, well TOUGH!

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Posted by Codemonkey 28th July, 2008

Not that good of a reveiw, spelling errors, and way to short. The game is good though!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 29th July, 2008

Thanks for formatting it this time!
Posted by Otter 31st July, 2008

"If there are any typos in this review, well TOUGH!"
That was to me wasn't it?

Posted by Fish20 2nd August, 2008

Yay! You mentioned Timesplitters! Its My favorite Game.


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