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Review: RGBeat
Author: Ian Phoenix
Added: 26/08/2008

This game has a simple interface that really centers around the pun in its name (RGBeat as in Red Green Blue), nothing special but it does the trick, menu-wise at least.

The gameplay is a bit lacking. The beat is limited to a single button only, and the help was ambiguous as to when exactly I was supposed to hit the button, timing-wise, as I randomly got 26s and 27s for each note, then I would get a 5 or 6, then 17, then 5.....I couldn't figure out the scoring system, so it seemed a bit unpolished in this regard. One bug I noticed was that sometimes I could hit the button and it would destroy two notes, and other times, I would rack on the button and miss rapid notes. Also, the beat seemed a bit random at times, and wasn't always in sync with the music.

The graphics were the biggest problem I had with this game. I don't know if it was the RGB-on-black color scheme or what, but I got dizzy and even mesmerized by them, to a point that I could hardly see the notes. This was odd to me, because I can get a decent score at Guitar Hero III on hard using a controller, so it must be the color scheme that was playing tricks with my eyes.

The music itself was okay. It may have been better later on, but I couldn't get past the first couple levels without getting dizzy.

Lastability-wise, this game looks like it has a decent selection of songs, and a two-player option would help lengthen things, that is if you could overlook the game's inherent flaws.

Overall, this game had a lot of potential, and it wouldn't take a ridiculous amount of fixing to make it right, but as it is, the graphics are hypnotizing, the beat is random and one-button-only, and the timing isn't polished. This game is okay, not bad even, but with a little fixing, it could have been a hit. I hope to see a "version 2" with the above points addressed.

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