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Review: HardCity the Chronicals of Max Slade
Author: RedEnchilada
Added: 21/09/2008

The presentation was great! I really liked how it feels like a DVD, especially the bonus features. All of the little details really helped make the world come alive, but the small resolution made it difficult to play.

The game was fun to play. Not being able to strafe doesn't hinder you as much as you think, because shooting is limited to about 25% of the game. But the corner shots didn't seem to work most of the time. I really liked being able to arrest thugs as apposed to just shooting them.

Graphically, this game is no slouch, but it couldv'e been better. The graphical style, combined with the character designs, was neat. But the low resolution and lack of color (at least half of the time) do more than make it hard to see; it also makes it hard to play. I also think a few green grapes would help break the monotomy.

This game used entirely library sounds. While they do fit well most of the time, the fact that they are all library sounds dissapoints me. The heartbeat sound in the last segment of chapter 2 really helped set the mood, though.

This game really is only ten minutes long once you get the hang of it. However, all the little details, combined with special features, and the ability to play the game quite a few different ways really help this game.

Overall, I think Hard City is well worth your time. The presentation and little details help pull you into the game, and the gameplay is up to snuff. Shame about the graphics being so tiny, though.

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