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Review: Famous Fighters Final
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 02/10/2008

Here is a bizarre and interesting game called Famous Fighters, where you and a friend can suit up as a variety of characters from movies and other video games. Ninja Turtles, Boba Fett, Felix the Cat, Wolverine, Mario, and many more are available to play. In fact, the character selection screen is the funnest and funniest part of the game. Each character comes with their own voice acted catch phrases, many of which are VERY funny. When I clicked on Mario and heard his little "Whoo hoo!", I laughed out loud.

Beyond the character select screen, there isn't much of a game here. I look at this as a practice run or a demo, to be possibly used for something bigger in the future. There is no single player mode, which really damages the playability of the game, and even in two player mode there are some problems to overcome. The biggest problem is that you can't attack while moving, which is a pretty essential thing to be able to do. The other problem is that once you pass your opponent, there isn't a way to turn around. Since that's the case, players should not be able to pass eachother.

Graphics were very nice in my opinion. The characters heads are all recognizable and well drawn, and the attack animations are all very smooth, even though all of the character share the same attack animations. If this game had backgrounds that were as interesting as the characters, then this game would have received a 10 for graphics. The style is great, I just wanted to see more of it!

Sounds and music are a bit of a mixed bag. Once again, the highlights of the games audio come from the character select screen. The voice overs are hilarious and well done, and the sound effect are very appropriate and well chosen. All the game is lacking is some solid tunes. There's no music here, which is a real shame. A good battle tune would add a lot.

Lastability probably won't be very high for most people. You need a second player to play at all, and even then the combat is a bit too limited to provide more than a few matches. This game feels like a lot of effort was put into the concept and characters, but then rushed out the door when it came to the game itself. I would LOVE to see this game revisited with a 1-player story mode. Even simple AI would be fine. To avoid creating extra animations for the characters, maybe weapons or projectiles of some sort could be added to increase variety in combat. This would also be an easy way to add variety to the diverse characters because the body animations would stay the same while only their weapons or projectiles would change.

Overall, this game has a huge amount of potential. A lot of creativity and effort went into the setup of the game, even though the gameplay itself got the short end of the stick. With a single player mode and a little more variety in combat, this game's fun factor would explode. It's clear that the author has a great sense of humor and lot of artistic talent, and I hope to see a follow up to this type of game in the future.

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