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Review: Space Impact GBA (Link Fixed)
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 02/10/2008

Here is simple space shooter called Space Impact. It's not modeled after an arcade style game, but more like one for gameboy. It's surprisingly fun, and only suffers from being so short.

Gameplay is quite different from most shooters, and is more of an exercise in timing and coordination rather than skill. Your ship can only move up and down on the far left side of the screen, and your bullets move very slowly towards the other side of the screen. This means that you success depends on being able to align yourself horizontally with a distant enemy and fire your bullet, then move to the next target while your shots move like missiles across the screen to take out the targets you were aiming for. It makes the game more like a shooter/puzzler, which is actually quite fun.

Graphics are very simple and crude, but are designed that way to look like a mini-game or at least a game for a small screen. They are still very clean and easy on the eyes.

The music is fine, it gives you something to listen to and keeps things moving. It would have been nice to hear a few more sound effects though. I know the game is supposed to be old school, but since the music sounds so nice it would be good to have sound effects of the same quality.

Lastability will last exactly as long as the first level because that's all there is! But I must say that I really enjoyed the clean simplicity of this game. I would love to see a full game made in this style, with more powerups and more bosses. It's well made and would make a very fun game.

Overall this is a fun and simple shooter that is worth a play. It's simple, clean, and makes you wish that there were a few more levels to play. The author has a good sense of pacing in level design and enemy/boss patterns, and I would like to see him make a full game like this with more powerups and enemy variety.

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