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Review: Eternal Man
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 02/10/2008

Here is a strange and fun little adventure game called Eternal Man. It was made for a competition and only has one level, but the one level was fun enough to deserve a review! In Eternal Man, your mission is to destroy the evil Borgi (maybe the author's evil twin?). The evil Borgi is a caped madman who runs through the streets with his armies of green plastic soldiers and gun turrets that shoot way too fast!

Gameplay is pretty solid in Eternal Man. It's a top-down view, and feels like like those top view Contra levels. Enemies shoot very fast, and sometimes the only way to dodge them is to walk very slowly until you see an enemies foot or gun come into view, then you can prepare yourself for which direction the bullet will come from. Bullets are too fast to dodge without some idea of where they will be ahead of time. On the good side, your own arsenal of weapons is very diverse and powerful, and gives you plenty of chances to get revenge!

Graphics are great. I love this style. The characters are fun and have a lot of personality. The weapons are creative and fun, and the levels are rich with detail and color. I did however find a glitch early in the level. At the end of one of the streets, I was able to walk DOWN a building to an area of the level I wasn't supposed to be. I saw Borgi down there, but it was a Borgi I wasn't supposed to encounter yet. So I had to go back up the building and blast some boxes to get on the right path.

The music is also well chosen here. The music is fast paced and fits with the style of the game. Sound effects also rock, and fit great with each explosion and event.

Lastability is low because there is only one large level and there are no continues or saves. If you die, it's back to the beginning! I would really like to see the author expand upon this and make it into a full game. Adding a world map and a save feature, or at least a checkpoint system, would add a huge amount of replay value.

Overall, this is a fun way to spend 10 minutes. The characters and concept are fun, weapons are very well made and fun to blast things with, and level layout is fun as well. I really hope that this game is expanded upon in the future, as it would make a very fun Contra style adventure game.

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Posted by -Athan- 2nd October, 2008

haha good review, and a little humor too
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 3rd October, 2008

You forgot to mention that I AM Eternal Man... ;__;


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