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Review: Lily
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 03/10/2008

Here is a great shooter with a strange name. "Lily" is a side scrolling shooter where you pilot a small place on his mission to defeat some evil guy in a bigger plane.... or maybe it was a blimp... (I was too busy dodging things to notice!) The game is great to look at, and includes a lot of humor in it's dialog.

Gameplay is very solid. The plane responds to your every control, and guiding your plane is a breeze. There are a few powerups to collect, all of which make fighting a lot easier. In fact, the only reason that the gameplay is getting a 9 instead of a 10 is because I would have liked to have seen MORE weapons. It's such a well made shooter, but it doesn't fully explore it's potential.

Graphics are excellent, and are perfect eye candy for a game like this without getting cluttered. Colors and sprites are crisp and colorful, and explosions and effects fit well without distracting from the gameplay. Once again, the only downside to the graphics is that there just aren't enough of them. I would have loved to have seen more bosses and mini-bosses in this style.

Sounds and music match the action perfectly. Music keep the levels rolling, and sound effects compliment the action well.

Lastability will be a shocker because just when you're really starting to enjoy the game, the game is over! WHA?! There are three levels (maybe four?) and the one boss, then it's the end of the road! For such a well made and creative game, it's a shame that there weren't at least a few more levels and bosses.

Overall this is well worth a download even if the game doesn't last very long. This games only flaws come from it's short length. It's beautiful to look at, it sounds great and plays great, and will provide a solid 15ish minutes of gameplay. I hope to see a much longer sequel in the future! Highly recommended for shooter fans!

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