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Review: HatMan
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 08/10/2008

Here is a very well made and fun game that seems to have gone a bit overlooked. Hatman is all about a guy with a hat on a mission to... well.. get through all of the levels by throwing his hat! You'll use your hat to crash through stacks of rocks and bricks, solve puzzles, and fight a variety of enemies bosses that require timing and planning to defeat.

The game's engine is very well made. Hit detection and game physics are almost perfect. My only complaint is that there is a half-second delay when throwing your hat. So many things require timing, and that half-second delay after pressing the button will be the death of you on more than one occasion! But that is a small complaint in an otherwise excellent game.

Graphics are colorful and crisp. The sprites and animations are all very well done. Levels are constructed carefully and with a lot of detail. It feels like a professional game in this regard. Many klik games are filled with expansive and empty levels, but Hatman's levels are full of places to explore and secrets to find! The bosses are also fun to battle against, and enemies all have their own personalities.

Music sounds like it's straight off an NES cartridge, which in this case really helps the game along. The game has the look of an old school platformer from 8-bit days, and having some jammin' 8-bit tunes really helps the action along. Sound effects are also excellent, and fit the action perfectly.

Lastability can be viewed two different ways. On one hand, you won't stop playing until you get a game over. The game is fun and keeps your attention. On the other hand, one game-over and you're back at the beginning of the game, which will turn many gamers off after a few tries. I think a save system would have been a great feature for such a well made game.

Overall, Hatman is one of the best klik games I've played in a long time. It's well made, fun to play, and is full of creativity and imagination. Levels are intricate and clever, enemies and bosses are colorful and fun, and the battle system is interesting and different. It's a lot of fun blowing through huge stacks of rocks with that hat! If this game had a save system of some sort, and if Hatman's reflexes were a bit faster with his hat-throws, this game would be an easy 10. I hope to see a sequel in the future. Highly recommended for anyone!

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