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Review: knight
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 16/10/2008

Here is a very bizarre game about a knight on a mission to find the "gold of the city of gold". He isn't your typical knight however, he's a musical knight with no weapons! You'll only be equipped with your knightly power of jumping to traverse levels and avoid obstacles. Along with way, you'll have to pick up white spheres that will reset the games music. This is important because when the music ends, so do you! So you have to keep the music flowin' to keep the game goin'! It's an interesting and clever idea, which could spawn a more interesting sequel with a few adjustments in gameplay.

Play control for your knight is pretty solid. It feels a bit slippery at times, meaning that your knight won't stop or land quite as accurately as you might like, but you'll get used to it. Or at least, you'd better get used to it! This game is very unforgiving when it comes to player mistakes. If you miss one platform, you'd better restart the level because that music isn't going to play much longer. For this reason, making the controls even tighter may help new players. Accurate landings and precise stops are a must with such a challenging game.

Graphics are a very enjoyable part of this game. The knight is a very endearing character, and his animations are very comical. The landscapes are very simple and sometimes blocky, but they are still colorful and have a lot of variety. You'll move from area to area very quickly, and the areas range from classic grassy fields to strange black and white future worlds. Other small touches such as clouds drifting in the sky also add to the atmosphere.

There isn't much here in the way of audio. There are some music tracks, but they are short and very simple. The good news is that even though they repeat over and over again, they never annoyed me. The music actually fits the knight perfectly, and you would have to play the game to really understand what I mean.

Lastability will probably not be high for most players, simply because the difficulty starts very high and mistakes are not tolerated. Missing a jump usually means a restart, and a lack of checkpoints will be frustrating to most players. Since this game is so clever and the concept is so much fun, it would be great to see a few more checkpoints and maybe even a save system. The idea of this game is very original, I would just love to see it expanded upon, and maybe made a bit easier in the early levels.

Overall, this is a very interesting and clever idea for a game. The graphics are fun and colorful, and getting from orb to orb to reset the music is a lot like racing from checkpoint to checkpoint in a racing game. In fact, maybe in the sequel, those white orbs can server as actual checkpoints that the player can start from again when they die. Right now the game only suffers from being a little too unforgiving. With a better checkpoint system, this could easily turn into a very fun action puzzler. I hope to see this idea expanded upon for a sequel! Recommended for klik platformer fans!

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