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Review: Elf Elfonsinio 2
Author: Rikus
Added: 07/01/2009

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I missed to play this game when it came out around Christmas time and I have to say shame on me for missing out on one of the best christmas platformers of 2008. In this game you play Mr Elf who is celebrating his time off at the beach,if you were an elf you would probibly be doing the same thing! However his vacation is cut short when santa needs his help retrieving the Christmas Spirit.

The game starts out with a nice clean and crisp start menu, you can choose between full screen but i always prefer the boxed screen so the game will not mess up my resolution.

Screenshot 1

Once you boot up the game you notice the fun Christmas graphics appearing on your screen and a very catchy Christmas Tune starting to set the mood. The game plays like your standard platformer, you have to avoid enemies and try not to fall off the platforms. Your weapon of choice is the nut that you can throw, but be careful since you do not have a limitless supply of them you will have to keep collecting them, lucky for you there are plenty scattered all over the place.

You can also collect presents to earn money, and earning is a very good thing since you can later use your hard earned cash to to unlock some goodies. To keep things going every time you complete a world the season changes, the only problem with that is the following. As the game continues on and the season changes a couple of things start to become clear. While it is great that the season changes in every world there is still not enough different things going on to really make a difference in the overall game experience. When all is said and done you do the same thing in every world and that is jumping on platforms and trying to throw nuts at the same enemies, while this is fun for a long time, after a while you wish you could solve some puzzles or do some new stuff to keep the game interesting. The game has a nice save feature so you wont have to start all over again, and there are even check-points in every level. There is a bug however with this save feature. When loading a saved game you will start with only 1 life, this makes the game that much harder to play.

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But you can't really be to hard on this fantastic Christmas game since this is one of the best Christmas Games you will play this year. It holds up really well to play around the holiday season and will keep you entertained for many hours. The music just sucks you in and the sound effects have a brilliant soft vibe to it. Coding and platform detection are all very well done, if you still have some Christmas spirit left in you then be sure to download this game. A Christmas game that is still fun after Christmas, is in my book a huge compliment.

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