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Review: Booberbox
Author: Rikus
Added: 10/01/2009

Tonight my wife asked me what I was doing and I told her I was just playing a short round of BooberBox, this was followed by a angry look even after i explained to her it was just a puzzle game staring a Beaver. Go figure! Anyway very daring for the author to call his game booberbox I can tell ya that but what is this game really about then?

Well in the game you must guide your little beaver to safety, you start off in a large map area were you can select your own level, this helps the game because some of the levels are so hard that in frustration you pick another level until you are ready to tackle the other harder levels on the map. The controls of your beaver are limited but fit the style of the game, it is almost like you are in this huge puzzle board trying to find your way to the exit.

In the game you will perish and get stuck very often, even to the point were you are actually stuck for real and placed yourself into a corner, in cases like that the escape key offers a helping hand and it will let you restart the level from scratch. This is not your high-school puzzle game this is a hardcore puzzle adventure game that will have you scratching your head and throwing your mouse in anger at your screen. The funny part is you keep coming back to it, it is addicting and rewarding when you do finish a level. The level design is also excellent it does not end to quickly so you can spend, hours, days or even weeks finishing new levels! Props for making the game longer then your average puzzle game!

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The graphics do the job but are a bit to pixely, the resolution is just a bit to low also i did not like the fact I could not play the game in a boxed screen. For puzzle games like this, it is better to be able to choose between a full screen and a boxed screen version that leaves your resolution alone.

How addicting the game might be it is a shame the game does not have any music or sound effects. It seems so out of place that if you did not know that the game was without sound you would check your speakers first to make sure. So i am begging the author to please for the next version include some sounds and music, it brought a otherwise good puzzle game down somewhat. And for any reason if you need some help putting in some quality music or sound effects i am sure lots of folks would be willing to put this into the game.

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So to recap, Booberbox is a fun filled puzzle game that can be a bit to hard at times and the no sound and music really disappoints. Despite these two issues I am still recommending this game for all the puzzle fans out there because at its core Booberbox is a fun and addicting game that should not be skipped over! -First reviewed at:

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Posted by Marko 12th January, 2009

Funny opening to this review, and very fair review/scores in my opinion.


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