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Review: Blob's Adventure !
Author: Rikus
Added: 19/01/2009

After looking at the screenshots for Blobs adventure I expected a cute little platform game.. How wrong could I have been! This is actually a fun Action game with some really clever and original game-play thrown into the mix.

In the game you are a blob that has to get to the other side of the screen in one piece. The game starts out easy were little signs tell you on what to do but be careful often the signs point you in the wrong direction resulting in a early explosion of the blob. And often that is not such a bad thing, it is actually fun to see your blob "Get Owned" and by the press of the enter key you can restart the level. The levels are often short to complete so its not that big of a deal to get to know the level and how to complete it properly by exploding a couple of times.

Things do get harder really fast, quick and unforgiving. The game count on the fact that you learned how the game works in the first couple of levels, and it wants you to plan out your next move instead of just walking into its deadly traps. This means, stopping, looking around and being care full before continuing on. This is because the later levels do get a bit longer so if you explode right before the end it is frustrating to do it all over again, especially if the level is extremely hard to complete in the first place.

Screenshot 2

Before I talk about the main hurdle in the game lets start talking about the graphics. The graphics have a great comic look to them and they can be deceiving because of the blood and carnage that is about to unfold once you play the first level. The game likes to have fun with you! Rhis counts for the music and sound effects even more. Lovely nice tunes play trough out the levels as blood splatters across the screen. Now having cute music and sound effects could backfired but with blobs adventure it just fits the game perfectly. The game loves to wink at the player with its funny and cruel overtones. For example in one of the levels the "help" signs askes you to jump by pressing shift, if you do this in front of the sign a huge spike pops up and kills your main character. So you learned how to jump but you still have to re-do the level.

Now the only 2 problems i have with this game is that the game does not save your progress after completing a level. This makes re-playability in this game very low. While you have unlimited lives int he game itself, if you want to take a brake from the game then you have to start at the first level. This is frustrating since every level is unique and there is always something else to do, the game never gets boring but can get frustrating in the later levels, so having the option to take a breather and continue on later would have helped. The second problem is that the game uses mp3 music for the music files, this makes the game unnecessary longer in file size then it should be. Either recompressing the mp3 files better or using a different source will help.

Screenshot 4

Having said that, this is a fun and unexpected original game that will have you wanting for more even after you finish the game, every level is different and it is just lots of fun to play. I Recommend Blobs Adventure to everyone out there, if you do not mind some blood in your games.

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Posted by Rikus 19th January, 2009

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Posted by Solgryn 20th January, 2009

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