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Review: Impossiball Mission
Author: Mr_Tom
Added: 08/02/2009

Another game from the much underrated 3kliksphilip, this one like many others he has made is surely worthy of gotw status!

Impossiball Mission follows in the footsteps of previous release Jimmyís Resurrection and many in the community may see similarities with puzzle games by Hempuli, Once in Space comes to mind. All these other games were fairly good but in my opinion Impossiball Mission goes one step further. For a game made in just five days it offers an immense amount of gameplay and originality. Normally one might say Ďoh itís good.... considering how long you spent on ití for games like this BUT NO!!! This game is just plain good, regardless of the short production time.

So ĎImpossiball Missioní, what is it? Well donít let the title put you off there is nothing in this game that is actually impossible (except getting to the secret level with my AMAZING musical contribution:-P)... oh and some of the highscores may be very VERY difficult to beat... thanks to ME! The basic objective in this game is to take hold of your ball and fiddle with it until you get it in the hole, which is sometimes harder to achieve than you might think, I would know. Each level increases in difficulty and adds new gameplay features at a good pace. These features include gravity changers, teleports, laser beams, springs and even crates! But hold on its not just a matter of ploughing through all the levels then moving on to a new game; this game is totally focused on competition. There is an online highscore table for every level so everyone can compete to get the fastest time. Many levels will have more than one possible route to complete the level and many of these were not intended by the developer but must be discovered, you have to be rather cunning to figure some of the quick routes out, what seems to be the fastest way from the start may not turn out to be in the long run. That is what makes the gameplay so good, there are so many possibilities. If you find a shortcut in a level donít think Ďhaha iíve exploited the game, what sloppy development!í thatís the whole point of the game.

Also contributing to the replayability is the presence of a fully functional level editor. This is very rare especially for a Ďmini-gameí made in such a short space of time. So if you finish all the provided missions you have the option to make your own and upload it to give everyone else a new challenge.

3kliksphilip has also been slaving away to master his music production skills which by now have become rather good. He is certainly amongst the better portion of music producers on this site. This game features 2 original tracks by himself found on the menu and in-game; oh and 1 extra track by me which I canít help but mention repeatedly.

I truly believe this is one of the best puzzle games released on this site for a long time and better than many GOTW standard titles. The graphics may not be particularly exciting but the gameplay more than makes up for all its flaws. Donít let this one pass you by, download it now and try beating some highscores!

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