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Review: Blob's Skyscraber
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 19/04/2009

So, here is another game that is featuring the one eyed blue blob known as, well, Blob. This time, instead of platforming and avoiding deadly traps, he is in a machine that creates skyscrapers out of blocks. It presents this game with cute graphics and nice music.

You basically have to drop as many blocks on top of each other until they fall. The goal is trying to get the skyscraper as high as you can until the entire building falls. It's simple but yet, addictive. The gameplay is flawless and is very fun to try out for a couple of times.

The graphics are custom made by the author. It kinda has a kirby and mario like set with colroful backgrounds and such. Also, the Blob sprite is cute but doesn't really do much other than sit int he machine. But the graphics are clever.

All the music in this game is from Super Mario galaxy. Even though there isn't that much music, there's just enough to provide entertainmenet for the player throughout the minigame.

This game is quite addictive and you make you keep on playing for a while for a better high score. So it has a high replay value. you'll be playing this game till the next day. It's at least a worth a try.

This is a fun game featuring the authors most used character, Blob while he goes in a machine and builds skyscrapers. Be carful though, the block do fall easily and it is hard to keep them balanced at times. This is a game everyone should try a few times.

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Posted by Solgryn 20th April, 2009

thanks for the review check out blobs adventure 2


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