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Review: Ziggy (Demo)
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 20/04/2009

This is a fantastic game with fantastic gameplay and graphics and music. It's just a very awesome game. It presents itself with entertainment from the start to the finish. It simply is one of the finer games I've seen here.

Magnificant, your a lizard creature who has to do various moves to defeat enemies and dodge obstacles throughout each stage just to reach the finish. There are loads of items to collect and enemies to bash.

The graphics are lush and colorful and kind of give the game a SNES feel which makes this game look quite official. The animation is smooth and nice and the enemies look cute and colorful. It simply fits the style of the jungle theme.

The music in this wonderful game is simply fantastic. The songs are catchy and give you a feeling to motivate yourself to go through all the levels collecting fruit and other items while destroying monsters in your path. And the sound effects are awesome too.

This is only a demo but here's the thing, the levels are large and vast with lots of items, so make sure you search every nook and cranny to get those items for a higher score. So yeah, it doesn't have that many secrets, but it's a dmeo and the full game might have more replaybility.

A beautiful platform game that puts other games here to shame. It plays nicely, sounds awesome and the graphics are eyecandy. This masterpiece deserves a full 10/10. congrats to the creator, never had so much fun in a platform game from this site.

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Posted by Ski 20th April, 2009

Yes, sounds about right
Posted by --Tom-- 20th April, 2009

haha I'm totally flattered by your review and very glad you enjoyed the demo. I've started working on this again with the public critique in mind and hope to add plenty of new features. expect a much better demo in a few months. :^]
Posted by Ski 20th April, 2009

Defo the best platform project on TDC


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