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Review: RCB2 Patch
Author: Dr. James MD
Added: 21/04/2009

The screen depics what you see in the game, this is a fairly underrated feature which I wholeheartedly enjoyed.

The game itself was really addictive. Imagine playing Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3 and then turn away and play a game on your phone. This is that phonegame.

Are not so pleasurable on mein eye. As Terrance and Phillip once said "Aa-hahahhaha". The job is done. Cumbersomly.

Music. Whats better than hearing the sound of a baby crying after being born to the world, or the sound of a woman nibbling on your ear and you can slightly hear her breath like. Well, not this game. The sounds are passable.

My pops bought a car when I was 5. It was a Montego or something, it survived until I was 13 when we got a Ford Galaxy. That is lastability. A giant hunk of metal that moves very quickly over land, a diesel hunk at that. We drove around Europe a few times with the caravan. That was most excellent. The caravan didn't last as long though. But this game. This has wheels. This has lastability like no other, maybe a Sony TV or Apple laptop can compete. But software? Even Windows and OSX need updates. This game. Needs none.

Overall I gave this a 9. Because a) it's one of my favourite numbers and 2) I enjoy this game more than 8, but lets not get carried away. If you enjoyed this I recommend Gears of War or Half Life 2, one for the action the other for the developing plotline.

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