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Review: RemakeMiniDave
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 22/04/2009

This is a fun little minigame where you play as a tiny Dave who must collect as many items ntil the time runs out. It's a fun game but after a while it gets boring. So, maybe he could've added more elements.

The gameplay is like your average platformer except the jumping is a bit strange. Also, I think I encountered some glitches when I tried to go under a block I could go through. Anyone, it's alright, but not the best.

The graphics are all retro style like an atari. The character is simple and the jewels and items are welll designed in the retro fashion.

The music fits the retro style of the game. Since there is practically one song throughout the game, you really get kinda bored with it. Maybe a variety of music would be better to keep the player entertained.

This is a minigame that is fun for a while but then after a few plays, you get pretty bored because it lacks features like more music, more levels and stuff. But, you could be playing it for a while.

A decent minigame where you play as a small Dave who must collect as many gems as he can before time runs out. It has the retro GFX and music and all, but it needed more levels. But it's good to play once or twice.

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