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Review: Deadly Swords!
Author: MBK
Added: 06/05/2009

Poor presentation. The storyline is nearly non-existent, the title screen is ugly, and the title plays Super Mario Bros. music.

The gameplay is smooth, but it's missing some key features that should be in every ninja game. There's no wall jump, wall climb, or special attacks. This guy may act like a ninja, but without any ninja magic, or bag of tricks, he's just another poser jumping around on stuff. I played until the 2nd level, having beaten the bird boss of the first. The enemies are all irritating in their own way. First off, the little blue ball things appear out of nowhere to interrupt the action and make you have to swat them down. Secondly, the ninja enemies have a ton of hps for no good reason. Third, the bosses have no indication of damage so there's no way to tell if you are even hurting them until they are dead. When it comes to the first boss, it's easier to just take the damage and keep on hitting him fast than it is to avoid what he throws at you and attack at the right moment to defeat him. If you try the avoid/evasion tactics, you're likely to lose all your lives and not beat the boss. This is how you know that your boss is not properly designed and balanced. Oh, and the control setup is rather weird .. not totally terrible or anything, just weird, and it cannot be changed.

Most everything seems to be animated fairly well, although the enemy ninjas look stiff and lack much leg movement when they walk, especially for the speed at which they move. The first boss doesn't seem to be in the same graphical style as the rest. In fact, it looks to me like the graphics are all ripped from various sources. I'm not a fan of ripping graphics for anything other than fan games, and it's not made clear what this is a fan game of so I'm assuming it isn't one.

The title music seems to be from the SMB games, but the gameplay music is ok as far as I played. Minus a point for using SMB (or is it Kirby?) music in a non-fan game.

From what I've played so far, it's nothing special. He got the ninja-style smoothness down, but that's about it. I added a point for what could possibly add to replay value that I haven't gotten to yet. I believe that once I beat this game, I will never play it again. If I'm wrong (doubt it) I'll write a new review to replace this one.

It could be fun if there was a save system or even a password system. I would have to increase the gameplay, presentation, and lastability scores if the maker of "Deadly Swords!" were to add either of those features or more lives even, or change the boss design. But without any of those changes, this is simply a game that could have been good, but instead is just average or below. It's sad really, because it has all the elements to be a great game. It's just missing some much needed balance and re-design, and a few gameplay elements here and there.

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